Hurdl Overview

How it works

Watch the video below to get an understanding of the product and process


Built for Fans

•16 million color options
• Precise targeting – light up one fan or entire audience
• Up to 6 hour battery life

Use with standard DMX lighting consoles
• Programmable effects
• Easy setup

Sample Activation Questions

1: What is your gender?
2: Is this your first time seeing (Artist)?
3: Have you purchased a physical copy of the album?
4: What is your date of birth?
5: What platform do you use to listen to music? 

Controlled Crowd Lighting

Controlled by you or your lighting director, using any standard DMX lighting board

All the girls
All the Vets
First time attendees

Post Show Messaging

Drive post-event sales and marketing with offers to your most engaged fans immediately after the event with two SMS messages

Social Targeting

  • Load your captured audience into Facebook and run ads specifically to your custom list
  • Contacts are delivered securely and anonymously allowing you to match with facebook users
  • Increase your reach and engagement up to 3x, while decreasing ad spends

Data Visualization Example

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