Sample Post-Event Dashboard

Below is an example of how our post-event dashboard works - we take all the data collected from your event and display it below, so you can see exactly who your audience is.

  • Distrubuted: 52,000
  • Activation Rate: 66%
  • Opt-in Rate: 24%

Event Dates: July 23, 24, 26, 28, 29

Duration: 3 hours

Questions Asked:

1: What is your gender?
2: What is your zipcode?
3: Is this your first time seeing (Artist)?
4: Have you purchased a physical copy of the album?
5: What is your date of birth?
6: What platform do you use to listen to music?

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Other Question Examples

Questions can be custom tailored to the event and crowd


• Who's your favorite team?
• Are you a season ticket holder? 
• How many games have you attended?


• What is your favorite energy drink?
• Do you own a pair of Nike shoes? 
• What's your favorite beer?


• What's your favorite song?
• What's your favorite music festival? 
• Do you buy vinyl? 

Facebook Ad Buy

Your live event data is used to create custom audiences for hyper targeted facebook ads

More Exposure

Have confidence that your custom audience is already interested

Less Ad Spend

Because you have your own targeted audience, you pay less to run ads

Better Engagement

3x more impressions and conversion compared to normal facebook audience

Facebook Ad Case Study

With Hurdl Audience

Cost per Link Click: $2.58
Total Reach: 4,354
Frequency: 3.62
Cost per 1,000 People Reached: $40.24
Impressions:  15,762
Amount Spent on Ad (cumulative): $175.21

Normal Facebook Audience:

Cost per Link Click: $3.68
Total Reach: 2,509
Frequency: 3.54
Cost per 1,000 People Reached: $21.97
Impressions:  8,890
Amount Spent on Ad (cumulative): $55.13