About Hurdl:

Nearly a billion people attend live events just like yours each year, yet there is currently no way to know 80% of the people in the audience.

While up to 20% of your audience may be the ticket purchaser, their guests are unknown ticket holders. 

By giving you a scalable interactive experience that fits right into your event, Hurdl not only helps identify the actual persons attending, our patented platform provides a real-time direct to consumer dialogue without anyone having to download an app. 

Text your fans in real-time, create audience unity, customize the experience, drive partner initiatives, and forge an ongoing dialogue with your custom audience.

Hurdl: REAL audience engagement.

The Team:

Betsy McHugh
CEo & Founder

Zach Shunk
CTo & CoFounder

Spike Wray-Kirk

Sherry Byrge
Corporate Manager

Peter Berkowitz
Sr Vice President of sales

Kelly Foran
SR Creative Designer

Michael Higgs
Account Services Director

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