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Direct-to-Consumer Marketing Startup Hurdl Identifies Who’s in the Live Event Audience--and Talks Directly to Them

No matter the event or how fans gain access, Hurdl can find out who is in the audience and start a conversation.



Can the Brass Ring of True 1:1 Marketing Be Solved in the Concert Arena?

One of the challenges in marketing, from the first ad posted in the caves centuries ago, is attaining confidence that your message is landing in front of the right eyeballs.



How This Wearable Tech Device Provides Custom Marketing at Large Events

Hurdl is a text-based platform that creates one-to-one communication between attendees and hosts.



How Techstars Music Startups With Music Biz Help Will Try to Raise Millions at Tomorrow's Demo Day

All it takes is a vision and 90 days straight of sleep-deprivation at an intense accelerator boot camp.



CMA Awards give Nashville startup HURDL a time to shine

The Country Music Association Awards were broadcast live on Tuesday night, but the stars of the country music world weren’t the only things shining during the show.



Hurdl launches Pixl LED wearable to light up the wrists of concertgoers

Nashville, Tenn.-based Hurdl debuted the wearable at the 50th annual Country Music Awards on Wednesday evening. The wearable is simple, as the LED light can display different colors, based on what the person controlling the software programs.


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Hurdl Introduces Electronic Wristbands at CMA Awards

Hurdl Enterprises debuted their PIXL LED wearable at the Country Music Awards, in the first step toward the broad scale future of interactive live events.


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Hurdl Announces Completion of Techstars Music Accelerator, Close of $2.5 Million Funding Round

Hurdl to close gap on the $24 billion in lost revenue at live events each year.



Techstars Music Reveals Inaugural Class Of 11 Startups

The accelerator, an offshoot of the broader Techstars operation, has eight partners--Sony, Warner Music Group, Sonos, Harmonix, Silva Artist Management, Bill Silva Entertainment, Q Prime and Era of the Engineer--who combined to pour $120,000 into each of 11 startups from six different countries.


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Hurdl Enterprises $1.8MM Seed raise afoot for direct-fan marketing

HURDL Enterprises is halfway home in its pursuit of $1.8MM Seed capital for market expansion of its live-event ticketholder activation, engagement, commerce and analytics platform and RF-connected wearables.


IQ: Live music intelligence


The Nashville start-up, which helps to harvest more data with LED wristbands and text-based engagement, welcomes new seed funding


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Nashville event startup closes $2.5M round

Hurdl, a Nashville-based live event technology startup, has completed both the Techstars Music accelerator program in Los Angeles and a $2.5 million seed funding round, $700,000 more than the company’s previous target, according to a release.


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Startup shines new light on concert fan interaction

Nashville music industry vet-turned-tech-entrepreneur Betsy McHugh sees opportunity in this situation. She believes her startup, Hurdl Enterprises, is on the verge of transforming the way artists and fans communicate during and just after live events.





From the CAA tour marketing department to managing artists like Keith Urban and Hunter Hayes for a combined 12 years, Betsy McHugh had been in the live events marketing and production business for almost two decades now. She had one job - to help artists realize their dream of playing in front of as many fans as possible for as many tours as possible. We’d start in clubs, then theaters, to arenas, and an occasional stadium full of 40,000 people. There was nothing more fulfilling than watching client’s dreams come true, as their fanbase grew.


We bring the art of all the pieces together to help artists connect with people. Sometimes that was in hosting a pre-show backstage experience, sometimes it was watching them stay after the show to shake hands and take a picture with every single fan who came to the club that night. But as the audiences got bigger, it became harder and harder to continue a direct connection with the fans. So we'd add more production, more lights, and more video screens so the fans in the nosebleeds would feel closer.

But there was still a disconnect—and as marketer, we lived in fear — that one day clients would ask:

  • How do I send a message to everyone who came to the show tonight and thank them for coming?

  • Let’s do a really cool item and just offer it to the fans who came to the show tonight. How do we do that?

  • How do we give our fans something special from our brand partners, so we’re creating value for everyone?

Nerdy, right?!  Holy marketing nerd. But it was true…there was no tool we could use to make the fans feel special, increase their connection to the event, and continue a dialogue with everyone in the audience. 

And so Hurdl was born. Creating impactful experiences that allow you to talk to your most valuable fans directly. So you can offer them whatever you want, when they want it most.





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